TeleMessage Home XML Messaging Interface

Please insert your XML document here:

  • If you are using Firefox, the XML reply will display correctly.

  • If you are using IE and would like to see the reply: Please set your internet explorer settings to display XML.
    Open Internet-options -> Security -> Custom level (button) -> Scripting title -> Enable xss filter should be disable
    (You can also right-click on the page, and choose view source)

  • If you are using chrome, XML replies will not display.
    You can see the Message_ID and Message_Key as the two first numbers in the response page you get
    (i.e. "114897310 599085674441181402746146988678 100 Message added successfully. Returned MessageID from db is 114897310 1")
    So here:
    Message_ID=114897310 ; Message_Key=599085674441181402746146988678